Fixed Deposits Investments

They say it takes money to make money. We say they're right, but it doesn’t have to be too much. That’s why, all it takes to earn Africa’s best investment rate is a minimum of $1,000 (R 17,000), because we understand that big dreams don’t need big starts. So, stop searching and start growing your long term investment.

Open an account with us today and be one of the first 1000 clients to earn 60% return on their investment per annum.

Best Interest Rates

3 Months


Interest Payout on Expiry

6 Months


Interest Payout on Expiry

12 Months


Interest Payout on Expiry

24 Months


Interest Payout on Expiry

TermsMonthly interest payoutAnnual interest payoutSemi-annual interest payoutInterest payout on expiry
3 Months15.37%15.50%15.43%15.39%
6 Months15.85%16.00%15.92%15.92%
12 Months16.79%17.00%16.88%17.00%
24 Months 17.49%17.75%17.60%18.05%
60 Months19.58%20.01%19.77%22.22%

Interest rates are quoted on a per annum basis and are valid for today only as they may change over time.
Terms and conditions apply. We cannot advise you on the tax implications of investing. It is recommended that you contact your financial advisor or tax consultant.

More about the Fixed Deposit

Fixed Rate

Guaranteed returns with an interest which is fixed for the duration of the investment.

Payout Options

Receive your interest payouts monthly, every 6 months or 12 months, or at maturity.

Once-off Deposit

To get around transfer limits, you have 7 days to complete your total opening deposit.


Terms range from 3 to 60 months.

Easy Application

Register and open your account online, or you can book a branch appointment.

What you need to open your Fixed Deposit Investemt account

National Identity document or Passport

The minimum opening deposit is $1000.

Ready to get started?

Let's get started.

A Fixed Deposit Account allows you to commit to an investment that will leave you better prepared for your future.

*We dont share your personal info with anyone. Check out our privacy policy for more information.

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